G24 LED Plug Lights
Sinolumi G24 LED Plug lights are designed to replace G24 CFLs(compact fluorescent lamps.)LED bulb with the base G24 are widely used in industry and commerce. Most are built into the ceiling reflector lamps with one or more G24 / PL-C lamps. The built-called energy saving lamps or compact fluorescent lamps also have system-typical 2 or 4 pin plug. The following are G24 LED lamps are available with two pins: G24d-1, G24d-2, G24d-3. 4 pins provide G24 LED bulb with the following names: G24q-1, G24q-2, G24q-3. Important is the number at the end of the product, 1 means that the small dowel is to be replaced by the G24 in the middle, that these 2 are left and 3 right. This allows G24 energy saving lamps are completely replaced by new, cost saving G24 LED lamps.
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