LED Down Lights

Sinolumi LED DownLights are commonly used for ambient and directional lighting in both residential and commercial build­ings. One of the earliest applications of solid-state lighting for general illumination, LED down lights are now widely available in a range of sizes and lumen packages, offering a viable alternative to incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) products.

The recessed led downlight category encompasses a broad range of luminaires, which share the common attribute of being installed above the ceiling and emitting light through an aperture. The market-wide portfolio of downlights includes products with either round or rectangular apertures ranging from approximately 2-inches to 12-inches in width.

Sinolumi LED downlights use less wattage to power them, ranging from 3.5W to 31W (depending on Model) and can recreate a similar lighting effect as a 50W halogen or even replace commercial grade 2x26W CFLs. Wattage goes into the downlight and lumen comes out. Less power goes into an LED downlight but more light comes out. This means LED downlights are more energy efficient, when used in lighting the term efficacy is used instead. Inefficient fuel guzzling 50W GU10 halogens actually use around 75W and almost 90% of the energy generated is wasted in heat.

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