LED Plug Lights
Sinolumi LED Limited released the series LED Plug lights including the G24, G23, GX23 and 2G11 base. With the double 80 digi-80lm/w and 80Ra, perfect replacements for commercial lighitngs in the supermarkets, hotels, banks, stores, shopping malls, etc. 

LED G24 Plug lights are one of the major lights used in commerical places. So the retrofit market for the G24 LED lightins is very huge. Sinolumi LED Plug light with high efficiency can be a right solution for the CFL replacements, which have been reconized by great deal of customers' positive feedback. 

Our LED Plug lights adopt high brightness leds with forested lens and dedicated LED driver, which ensure not only high lumen output with high light uniformity and consistency, but also high efficiency and cool running temperature. They are optimum replacement for CLFs'. Our LED Light bulbs can be used to replace your standard fluorescent or halogen bulbs. The bright and white LED light produced by our LED light bulbs works especially well for task lighting and reading light. This plug lights come in warm white or cool white color temperatures and lasts up to 35 000 hours. 
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