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1W LED Ceiling Lights
1W led ceiling lights
  • 1W led ceiling lights
Key Features
  • Utilizes drivers approved by CE, RoHS, dimmable version is available
  • white, Warm white and pure whte available
  • New solid state technology, high shock and vibration resistance
  • Isolated circuit design, safety and reliability, energy efficient
  • No UV, infrared output,no harm to human body no mercury, lead, less CO2 emission
Part Numbers
  • SL-DLB01-1EWW
  • SL-DLB01-1PW
  • SL-DLB01-1EW
Approved CE, RoHS, FCC
Warranty 3 years limited warranty View more...
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1W High Power led ceiling lights adopts high power led as light sources, it is widely used as spotlight, cabinet light etc. The head of this led lamp can be adjusted. The fitting is made of the recyclable materials. LED downlight consumes much less electrical energy comparing with traditional bulbs. Another significant completive advantage of LED recessed lighting is suggested to be simplicity. Despite the fact everything may seem to be more complicated, such lamps are easily installed and don’t require any special knowledge.

High Luminous Efficacy:
Sinolumi LED Downlights currently exceeding 80 lm/W, LED downlights can have considerably better ef­ficacy than conventional downlight luminaires.

Luminous Intensity Distribution:
The range of distribution characteristics for LED downlight retrofit units and integrated LED downlights can be more limited than conventional downlights. Integrated LED lamps may offer a greater variety of very narrow or very wide distributions.

Color Characteristics:
LED downlights have a color rendering index (CRI) greater than 80 and a cor­related color temperature (CCT) between 2700 K and 4100 K, but products with characteristics outside this range are also available. It is always important to verify that the color characteristics match the needs of the intended application.

Cost and Useful Lifetime:
The rated lifetime of LED products is typically much longer than for conventional lamps. A complete life-cycle cost analysis, which can be more informative than comparing initial cost, should be undertaken if cost is an important factor.
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