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3W Anti-glare LED Ceiling Light
3W Anti-glare LED Ceiling Light
  • 3W Anti-glare LED Ceiling Light
Key Features
  • Anti-glare Design
  • Just see the light , can't see the light source
  • Unique and stylish in look
  • Advanced thermal management heasink
  • Ideal replacement for traditional halogen lmaps
  • Ture light emits no UV or IR, and so protects artwork, jewelry and other precious items from harmful rays, making them look better for so much longer. 
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Dimmable Optional
Part Numbers
  • SL-DLC03-1EWW
  • SL-DLC03-1PW
  • SL-DLC03-1EW
Approved CE, RoHS, FCC
Warranty 3 years limited warranty View more...
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Anti-glare downlights are designed to reduce the glare sometimes experienced with standard downlights but without compromising on light output. Our 3W Anti-glare led ceiling lights carries 3 years warranty and has a similar light output to a 35W halogen (approx). Available in cool white, warm white and pure white. It is time to replace your existing halogen downlights now .

Anti-glare led ceiling lights is a fully adjustable downlight that is available in round or square, black or white. It is designed to be plastered into ceilings to give a seamless apperance. 

Advanced LED Lighting Technology

The LED downlights are an amazing combination of technical innovations, including breakthroughs in optical design, electronics design, mechanical design, and thermal management. The core of the innovation is a new way to generate white light with LEDs. Ultra energy efficiency, replacing up to 80-100W incandescent lamps.

Consistent Color Management

We cooperate with Cree, Epistar who provide consistent color LEDs with same PINs. It delivers high efficacy light with beautiful, white or warm color characteristics. The fittings matched the special optical Lens to get optimal beam angel and soft light. This approach enables active color management that maintains tight color consistency over the life of the product.

Effective Thermal Management

Ensuring the long life of an LED product depends on effectively controlling of the operating temperature of the LEDs. Sinolumi LED Ceiling lights were designed to utilize all components to effectively transfer heat and keep the maximum LED temperature at or below acceptable levels- even its worst-case environment. Good heat dissipation due to professional designed aluminum alloy housing, less heat output, no heat damage.

Easy to Install

Easily installed into standard fitting with loaded spring, replace traditional (fluorescence, halogen) ones directly. Adjustable centre-tilt gimbal, lamp head can be adjusted 30 degrees.

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