G23 LED Plug Lights
8W gx23 led plug light
  • 8W gx23 led plug light
Key Features
√   Soft-start function,Instant on.
√   Polycarb lens(no glass) suitable for food production enviroments.
√   Enhanced safety features.
√   Clear lens option for mounting at over 5m
Part Numbers
 SL-PLG23-5W    ► SL-PLG23-8W
 SL-PLG23-11W    ► SL-PLG23-13W
Approved CE, RoHS, FCC
Warranty 2years limited warranty View more...
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G23/Gx23 LED plug lights are the latest generation of lighting solution to replace the CFL 2pin fluorescent lamps with the same base. With high quality SMD 5630 LEDs as light source, they deliver ultra bright and comfortable light that you could expect from tradtional fluorescent tubes. Compare with tradtional fluorescent tubes, G23 LED plug lights are high energy efficient   tubes, G23 LED plug lights are high energy efficient led lighting fixtures which can save over 70% energy bills thanks to the high efficacy of LEDs and these LED lamps can start up instantly without any annoying buzzing noisw. 

Sinolum G23 LED plug lights are avaiable in 5 watts, 8 watts, 11 watts, and 13 watts.


Compact LED Bulbs come with 4-pin base, internal isolated drivers, replacement for standard 2G11 Florescent Lamps. New LED technology replaces for tube 2G11. Great for everyday home or commercial use. This bulbs comes in warm white, natural white and cool white , the life span lasts up to 35 000 hours. 

1.Bult with dedicated LED driver to ensure longer ensure operating lifespan and to minimize brightness deterioration due to over driven LEDs
2.Maintenance free
3. Solid state, high shock/vibration resistant
4. Easy installation
5. No fluorescent flickering
6. No hazard of mercury or lead entering teh enviroment
7. No UV or RF interference, no noise
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