Rigid LED Light Strip
led light bar
  • led light bar
  • rigid led under cabinet light
  • rigid led strip light
Key Features
√  Unique and high efficiency heat sinking designs
√  Easy to be extends to any length by connecting directly or by splice conncetion cord
√  Avaiable any length base on your requirement
√  No-UV and infrared Rays
√  Custom packing
Part Numbers
 SL-YG16A24*D2    ► SL-YG16A48*D2
 SL-YG16A30*D2   SL-YG16A60*D2
Approved CE, RoHS
Warranty 2 Years View more...
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Constructed of a central PCB with mounted SMDs(triple chips) encased in a aluminum track and clear PC tube, the Top LED tube light is compact, lightweight and designed for a variety of applications.


  • Unique and high efficiency heat sinking design with T5 aluminous alloy;
  • Easy to be extended to any length by connecting directly or by splice connection cord;
  • 4pcs, 9pcs, 24pcs and 48pcs TOP LEDs are available for choice;
  • 10cm, 20cm, 50cm and 100cm are available for choice;
  • Input voltage: 24V
  • Viewing angle: 120degree
  • IP53, only for indoor uses;
  • CE/ROHS compliance;
  • Non-ultraviolet and infrared rays, no radiation, no electromagnetic interference, green, no harmful elements such as mercury and lead;


Many customers around the world apply the Top LED tube light as under cabinets lighting, tradeshow displays, product displays, cove accents, cellaret, wardrobe, hotel decoration and many more.
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