Slim LED Panel Lights
LED Light panel 36W
  • LED Light panel 36W
  • LED panel light 72W
  • 300x300 led panel lights
Key Features
√   Ultra slim, 13mm only.
√   Instant start, no flickering, no humming.
√   40W LED panel light could replace 4x18W fluorescent lamp.
√   Easy to install, they can be wall, recess, ceiling mounted or free-suspended.
Part Numbers
►  SL-MDF300W96A4              ►  SL-MDF600W200A4
►  SL-MDF600W240A4            ►  SL-MDF600W360A4
► SL-MDF600x300W192A4    ► SL-MDF900x300W240A4
► SL-MDF1200x300W240A4
► SL-MDF1200x600W360A4 
Approved CE,ROHS,Design for UL standards
Warranty 2 years View more...
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Slim LED Panel Lights are one of the most popular LED lighting fixtures which could replace traditional fluorescent grid lights. They are Using advanced oxidation treatment technology make the light frame looks more beautiful and stylish. The frame is made of 6063 anodic oxidation aluminum. With high thermal conductive aluminum frame connect closely with aluminum PCB plate, it could ensure the heat could dissipate out fast and temperature of light surface below 45 centi degree. No heat buildup inside.

The lifespan could be up to 40,000 hours. As a result, cost of maintenance and replacement is reduced.

Our slim LED panel lights have an outstanding luminous efficacy achieved by ultra bright light source and high quality LGP. By mounting LED arrays at the side of the panel, it makes the panel light ultra slim (13mm only) and the emitting light more softly.

1) Ultra slim and fashionable design with superior light guide panel,natural soft light, anti-glare.

2) Special circuit design, single broken LED won’t affect other LEDs.

3) Constant current design, low heat, highly stable performance, with external driver, you could replace driver easily if there are any problems with driver.New high efficiency driver with heat protection system which ensures it could work under unstable voltage.

4) Energy saving, it could save 10 times energy more than that of incandescent fixtures, Save 2 times of CFL luminaries at same illumination.

5) The brightness or color can be dimmable with remote controller or 1~10V dimmer. (optional)

6) Available in various sizes. Different size could be customized for volume order.

7) CE & ROHS approved, with 2 years warranty.UL approved driver is optional.
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