X-Bright LED Wall Washer
rgb led wall washer
  • rgb led wall washer
  • led flood light
  • IP65 led wall washer
Key Features
√  Long rated life of 50,000 hours
√  Ideal LED-luminary for outdoor use
√  Perfect in public places and in front of buildings
√  Extremely compact housing
√  Advantages of high power LED technology
Part Numbers
 SL-WWC-118     ► SL-WWC-124
Approved CE, RoHS
Warranty 2 Years View more...
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► Higher brightness at lower cost with ultra bright LEDs (1 Watt)
► RGB color-changing modes operating through our DMX controller can handle sophisticated tasks
► IP65 rated, applicable for outdoor applications
► High quality LEDs used, ensuring a long life span of over 50,000 hours
► 3 different optics for specific applications: Cove Lighting, Wall Washing, Wall Grazing
► Field adjustable mounting for precise fixture angle

► High brightness, single color or full color
► Energy efficient, consume 80% less power compare to neon systems
► Durable, operates in both extremes of temperature for many outdoor environments
► Easy installation of bars. Controller and program are easy to operate
► Low maintenance
► 2 year limited warranty

Control Mode:
DMX Control or Master/Slave Control

Safety Instruction: 
► Make sure the wall washer light and power source have the same voltage
► Made sure the ground connection is well connnected
► Avoid to use at high temperature
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